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"Best investment ever. Stuck it in the window from of the kitchen and it’s improved the fly count tremendously. Also doesn’t smell nearly as bad as doom. Worth the money"

Jessica - Takealot

"Really great product, we saw a significant decline in flies and mozzies in the first couple of days of use. Can highly recommend."

Gerhard - Takealot

"I have been using this for years. We live in a thatch house - and I NEVER see a creepy crawly. Ever."

Shelley - Takealot

"Best buy!! We had hundreds of fruit flies bothering us. Ordered this, put it on, went to sleep, and the next morning woke up to see every single fruit fly dead on the floor. Best part, it's all natural! Buy it, your life will change."

Nicole - Takealot

About RoboSol®

RoboSol® works by automatically introducing a safe mist of natural pyrethrum based formula into the air at constant time intervals. The mist spreads throughout the home, business premises or farm building helping to get rid of all the types of insects including Flies, Mosquitoes, Ants, Moths, Borers, Fleas and Cockroaches etc.

About RoboSol

RoboSol® Warranty

Robosol comes with a two year warranty which we proudly offer.

About NatureSafe®

NatureSafe Naturally Better® is a response for the very real and urgent consumer need to have high quality, responsible and effective products that make good sense for personal health and the environment. The Anolyte Humidifier range allows consumers a safe and simple solution to dealing with all known pathogens and in particular the Covid 19.

About NatureSafe

NatureSafe® PRODUCTS

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The Agrilibrium range of plant and soil conditioners takes the successful products that are used daily by South African farmers and makes them available to homes, market gardeners and commercial nurseries in suitable pack sizes and quantities.

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About Agrilibrium


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