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RoboSol is a battery operated automatic aerosol dispensing system. It is used for repelling or killing insects in indoor and outdoor areas and provides a safe, easy and relatively less expensive way to deal with all the types of insects including Flies, Mosquitoes, Ants, Moths, Borers, Fleas and Cockroaches etc.

RoboSol Expra/500ml Starter Pack works by automatically introducing an extremely fine mist of a safe, natural pyrethrum based formula into the air at constant time intervals. This ultra fine mist spreads rapidly through the home, business premises or farm buildings. The droplet size is smaller and stays in the air longer than spray cans or the old styled automatic metered can sprayers.

It is not dangerous to spray around food and Robosol is in the process of being certified as foodsafe.

Robosol Expra/500ml Starter Pack:

  • Safe to use around children and pets

  • Battery operated - batteries last up to 12 months

  • Programmable – 3 setting options

  • Lasts up to 8 weeks

  • 2 year dispenser warranty

  • Residue free floors, walls and furniture

  • Virtually odourless

  • Environment and ozone friendly

  • One device can cover 100 square metre space assuming ceiling height of 2.5 metres.

  • Uses a solenoid valve increasing efficiency and decreasing wastage.




The active ingredient in the RoboSol Insect Killer Aerosol Control is  PYRETHRUM. Pyrethrum is prepared from daisy-like flowers of Chrysanthemum Cinerariifolium and is the world’s foremost natural insecticide. Pyrethrum possesses a unique combination of insecticidal properties which have made it the most useful all round insecticide available today.These properties stem from the fact that pyrethrum contains not one, but six distinct related insecticidal ingredients called Pyrethrins. Pyrethrum forces insects to escape to a source of light, which is an advantage because flying insects will not die on any food you may be preparing but will be found on window sills or will escape through the window if open.

Properties of Pyrethrum

Although in recent years several imitations of pyrethrum, generally called synthetic pyrethroids, have become commercially available in the market, none of them alone combines all the unique properties of pyrethrum. These qualities include:

  • The Safety of RoboSol
    It is one of the safest insecticides known, as it has very low mammalian toxicity, and is rapidly metabolized if accidentally swallowed by warm blooded animals. Concentrations of Pyrethrum dispensed from a RoboSol Aerosol Dispenser are at least 1,892 times less than the allowable safety levels of Pyrethrum in the atmosphere in New Zealand.
  • Flushing Actions
    Pyrethrum disturbs insects so that they move out of their hiding places and expose themselves to the insecticidal spray. Pyrethrum has greater flushing power than any other commercial insecticide.
  • Fast Knockdown
    While the presence of pyrethrum initially causes insects to attempt escape from a threatening area, a rapid paralytic action causes knockdown soon after, often within seconds.
  • Biodegradable, Non-Pollutant"
    Pyrethrum is rapidly degraded by sunlight into harmless component substances, but at the same time it can be safely stored for years in suitable containers such as brown glass bottles or aluminium and steel cans.
  • Repellency
    Pyrethrum is repellent to insects at very low concentrations, a useful property in the protection of stored grain, in the preparation of insect resistant packaging, and in deterring mosquitoes.
  • Broad Spectrum Activity
    Pyrethrum is effective against a wide range of insect pests, including mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies, aphids etc. A single can of Pyrethrum based aerosol, such as RoboSol Insect Killer can thus be safely used against any insect pest found in residential, commercial and industrial environments.
  • Minimal Insect Resistance
    Despite its long history of use, very few cases of insects resistant to pyrethrum have been discovered, and these have mainly risen as a result of cross tolerance conferred by the insects developing resistance to another insecticide. This is in strong contrast to synthetic insecticides where innumerable cases or resistance have been discovered world wide.
Properties of Pyrethrum


Download and read the Safety Data for your RoboSol product.

Refill Lifespan


DAY / NIGHT SETTINGS - These may vary depending on the hours of light. The table above shows 12 hours of light as an example.


One 270ml refill canister will last you approximately 33 days operating for 12 hours a day on a medium setting.

How to use your RoboSol Expra/500ml Starter Pack

RoboSol Expra/500ml Starter Pack
RoboSol 270ml Metred Starter Pack

How to use your RoboSol 270ml Metred Starter Pack

Download and read the instructions on how to use RoboSol Expra/500ml Starter Pack 

Download and read the instructions on how to use the RoboSol 270ml 

Download and read the instructions on how to use RoboSol Outdoor

Instruction Manuals
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