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Robosol 270ml Handheld Aerosol

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Our Robosol 270ml Handheld Aerosol contains the same ingredients as the rest of our Robosol range, the only difference is that this aerosol spray is handheld and does not require a device to function.

The active ingredient in the Robosol 270ml Handheld Aerosol is natural PYRETHRUM.

Pyrethrum is prepared from daisy-like flowers of Chrysanthemum Cinerariifolium and is the world's foremost natural insecticide.

Pyrethrum possesses a unique combination of insecticidal properties which have made it the most useful all round insecticide available today.

These properties stem from the fact that pyrethrum contains not one, but six distinct related insecticidal ingredients called Pyrethrins.

Pyrethrum forces insects to escape to a source of light, which is an advantage because flying insects, will not die on any food you may be preparing but will be found on window sills or will escape through the window if open.

RoboSol is safe to use around Children and Pets and in food preparation areas. It is one of the safest insecticides known, as it has very low mammalian toxicity, and is rapidly metabolized if accidentally swallowed by warm blooded animals.

Concentrations of Pyrethrum dispensed from a RoboSol Dispenser are at least 1,892 times less than the allowable safety levels of Pyrethrum in the atmosphere in New Zealand.

If you have any cold-blooded pets e.g. fish or snakes it would be advisable to remove them from the area.

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