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Robosol 250ml Refill

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The active ingredient in the RoboSol Insect Killer Aerosol Control is PYRETHRUM.

Pyrethrum is prepared from daisy-like flowers of Chrysanthemum Cinerariifolium and is the worlds foremost natural insecticide.
Pyrethrum possesses a unique combination of insecticidal properties which have made it the most useful all round insecticide available today.
These properties stem from the fact that pyrethrum contains not one, but six distinct related insecticidal ingredients called Pyrethrins.
Pyrethrum forces insects to escape to a source of light, which is an advantage because flying insects,
will not die on any food you may be preparing but will be found on window sills or will escape through the window if open.


- 250ml Robosol refill that uses our natural, organic and biodegradable insect control solution.

- Our active ingredient, pyrethrum, is natures best way of dealing with insect control.

- This item must be used in conjunction with a dispenser that fits it.

- Do not spray directly onto cold blooded pets, our pyrethrum solution is harmful to cold blooded organisms.

What's in the box
1 x 250ml Refill

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