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Brand: Agrilibrium

Liqui-Compost is a Phytofulvic acid chelated carbon(C), nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and potassium (K) macro and micro-nutrient product that is totally soluble in water. The nutrients are in solution and can be taken up through the roots when applied to the soil aswell as through the leaves if used as a foliar spray. It has strong chelating characteristics and will neutralize ionic charges of mineral nutrients to assist in the management and prevention of insoluble phosphate salts forming in the soil. This will maintain the minerals in a water soluble form for effective uptake and utilization.

This has a marked effect on improving soil penetration, wetting, structure and nutrient uptake. Fulvic acid ions have the ability to neutralize cations and anions and therefore enhance nutrient
availability and uptake by the plant.

- Continued use at the correct dosage aids in soil rehabilitation and improves soil structure.
- Stimulates soil microbial life - improves root development microbes.
- Improves soil structure - better water retention and aeration.
- Improves uptake of Fertilizer (apply with fertilizer).
- Soil chemical and physical changes are however completely dependent on concentration and frequency of applications.
- It is completely water-soluble and can be applied through dripper and other irrigation systems.

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